Home Is Where the Heart Is - Ten Things Growing Up With House Flippers Taught Me

I’m pleased to say that my post for today is featured over at The FIRE Starter (TFS), a UK-based blog I’ve enjoyed reading over the last year or so. This my second post on TFS (here's the first one).

Sneak peek:


I moved a lot growing up. I moved eight times by the time I was fourteen years old. In that time, I lived in everything from a 300 sq ft home to a 4,000+ sq ft home. Some homes were dumps, others castles, and others still were in some state in between. As a kid I really didn’t much care because I always had a relatively comfortable place to sleep, food to eat and loving, hard-working parents.

The reason I moved so often was that my parents decided to make additional cash flipping homes. They’d buy a home in need of some TLC, fix it up and sell it at a profit. So, like clockwork, we moved every two years or so. 

House flippers know only one reality: how to live in chaos, because by the time a home is nice and livable, it’s time to look for the next project. 

Want to read more? Check it out here.

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