My 2014-2015 Reading List - Second Quarter

As mentioned in July, I posted my reading list from the first year away from my corporate job in April 2013 and it received so much interest that I've started to a running quarterly tally. 

As stated previously, I don't necessarily endorse the books listed below. They're just the full list of what piqued my interest sufficiently to read them cover to cover. If they become favourites, then I add them to my recommendations.*

My focus this year has been to add more fiction, read in my native tongue (French) and keep reading in the areas of philosophy, psychology, finance, economics, writing/presenting, entrepreneurship, travel hacking, technology and health. So far, I've managed to cover all except for travel hacking. I've also read some reference books in preparation for my trips this past summer: the World Domination Summit in July, an African Safari in August and FinCon14 in New Orleans in September.

A number of the books on my "been there, done that, read the book" list so far this year were recommended by Chris Guillebeau, Eric BarkerJ. MoneyMr. Grump, The Escape Artist and Flannel Guy ROI (I'm cheating when including the last two because they recommended books I'm reading Sept/Oct, but I get to make the rules around here). As mentioned before, I also become aware of potential selections from sources such as Ted and "further reading" ideas from within the non-fiction volumes I manage to digest. Any way of narrowing down the myriad of reading options available is always helpful. 

So here it is, my reading list** for the past six months, from earliest to most recently read, 34 books in all:







Unfortunately, my August and September lists are a bit sparse. I picked up some disappointing selections that I just couldn't bother finishing. Those are always a shame, but better to move on to better fare for the eyes than waste time on a volume that does not inspire or inform. I also don't read as much in the summer, given my propensity to spend more time outdoors, both in the garden and in faraway places.

If you have any questions about the titles above, drop me a line or leave a comment. I'll be happy to share my thoughts.

What about you? Anything in the list above you loved? Hated? Any recommendations you might have that I can add to my never-ending future reading list?

*My recommendations list does need to be updated. I'll get to it over the summer...when I don't spend as much time with my nose in a book and can think back on what I've been reading and see what bubbles to the top in my mind. It's a tough exercise. There are many noteworthy books to choose from. 

**The list contains affiliate links to Purchases made via these links help support the F2P blog. It does not cost you anything and helps cover ongoing expenses associated with maintaining this blog. Thank you for your support. 

***This one is a children's book, but the pictures are spectacular. A delight to read.