Book Review: "Victory Lap Retirement"

What's my rating for "Victory Lap Retirement"?

I gave the book a 4 out of 5 Rockstar rating.

Once you take the need for money out of the equation, work can be a wonderful source of happiness and freedom.
— Mike Drak and Jonathan Chevreau, Victory Lap Retirement, p. 21.

"Victory Lap Retirement" offers up a good dose of inspiration, thanks to co-authors who are living what they advise and you can tell they’re enjoying this phase of their lives. I get the feeling they’re just getting started. Further, they share a great deal of their experience throughout the book by sharing their personal story at every stage, from how they managed their careers to planning and executing their “Victory Lap”. Their positivity and energy is infectious.

Mike Drak and Jonathan Chevreau walk the talk. They both have made sound financial decisions that enabled them to leave their corporate lives (either through retirement or redirection), allowing them to shift their focus toward what they wanted to do next without having to have money be the primary driver.

How can we start stacking the deck in our favor to do the same? By:

  1. Following the “Seven Eternal Truths of Financial Independence”
    1. Live below your means
    2. Pay yourself first
    3. Get out of debt
    4. Buy a home and pay it off as soon as possible
    5. Be an owner, not a loaner
    6. Never say no to free money from your employer
    7. Take the government up on its few offers of free money
  2. Focusing on one formula: Passive Income > Non-Discretionary Expenses = Freedom
  3. Forgetting traditional notions of retirement

To find out more about the book and my thoughts about it, read my full review here.

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