My Kind of “Polished”

I used to get a manicure and pedicure every month or so in my spendthrift days, but now I go for a pedicure only once or twice a year or when my feet are in major need of a little TLC .

Now that I’m doing more public speaking, which means wearing uncomfortable dress shoes more often, it was time for another appointment. I asked if Mr. F2P if he wanted to come with me, given his feet could also use some attention thanks to the abuse they endure at the hand of his nasty steel-toed boots. He said "Absolutely!". 

I made an appointment and we both had a “pedi” this past Saturday. 

Why would I bother telling you about a pedicure, other than talking about the fact that proper foot care is a good idea when you do a lot of walking or standing on your feet all day? The experience itself.

I was first in getting my nails polished. I chose orange  and asked for a design as well, just for fun. All was as it should be.

When came Mr. F2P's turn for polish, without consultation, the manicurist started putting a clear coat on his toe nails. He—who is very secure in his manhood—asked why he couldn’t have colour nail polish .

The response? You’re a man!

Well, he’d have none of it. He calmly asserted that he wanted neon green nail enamel and, oh yes, he’d like a design too please! (You tell the man “No”, he doubles down.)

 Everyone in the nail shop was having fun, except for one of the more “mature” and conservative manicurists in the salon. She was somewhat distraught but definitely indignant and even felt the need to walk across the salon to let Mr. F2P know this was not "a man's colour". His response? What IS a man's colour? Enough said.

Mr. F2P was taken aback by the fact that something so small, so inconsequential, could be so disturbing to this one person. Her intolerance made him appreciate the difficulties other go through to live an authentic life.

In the end, Mr. F2P got his wish and he and I both left with bedazzled toe nails.

Embrace Your Own Weirdness

Sometimes we need to be weird to get and be what we want in life. We might decide to live on a boat, try new things, use different types of transportation, avoid certain conventional activities or embrace certain unconventional ones, like walking away from a perfectly respectable job for no apparent reason (to others at least). 

Sure, painted toenails isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I ask you:

What is it that you want to do or try that you’re not doing or trying because of what others might think?

As for Mr. F2P? He couldn’t wait to flaunt his bright green toes at brunch the next day (though I doubt he’ll be showing them off on the job site!).

What about you? What weird, wild stuff have you done to make the most of this precious thing called life?