My 2015-2016 Reading List - Third Quarter

Below is the full list of books that held my interest long enough to finish over the last nine months. If you want to take a look at previous years, you can click "Books" on the navigation bar or access them here: 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. You may also want to check out my list of Top 12 Life-Enhancing Books, as well as the top lessons learned from reading over 100 books.

The past few months have taken me in a number of directions, from philosophy and health, to economics and consumerism to learning and career management. The topics do vary a good deal but I find they complement each other nicely, similar to the multiple examples Steven Johnson (How We Got to Now) presents of how many of the great ideas come from multi-disciplinarians.


As was the case in a number of previous quarters, I abandoned a number of books without finishing them (these books don't make the list). I think this "book sampling" helps me better understand where my interests lie and what type of writer I most enjoy.

I read a good deal again this quarter, despite the fact that my life got more hectic with multiple trips, new projects and family matters. I think my continued focus on reading, despite a very full life was fuelled by some great recommendations, by the need for inspiration in my own life, and by the need to research posts I've been working on for this blog and other writing.

The 61 books I did manage to finish (23 in Q1, 19 in Q2 and 19 in Q3) varied a good deal. I read quite a bit about money (finance, investing, economics, the wealth gap), health and wellness (food and exercise), and philosophy and psychology (happiness, culture, and shopping vs minimalism). I also took a deeper dive in trying to understand how we learn about ourselves and others.

Sources of Inspiration

I have the following people/sources to thank for suggestions that made it on the list below: Eric BarkerRaptitudeStacking BenjaminsAustin Kleon. I also tend to follow the book recommendations of authors whose books I enjoyed, so many of those listed early in the year lead me to books later in the year. Other sources of inspiration include Ted, documentaries available on Netflix and Vimeo,  and a conference I attended in September.

The desire to research a topic I want to write about on this blog also drives my reading choices. My eagerness to attempt to offer well-informed commentary lead me to read and write about pharmaceuticalsurban livingbalanceinvesting, thinking and the impact of lifestyle.

I do also appreciate the suggestions I receive from family, friends and F2P readers. (Though I admit that I've learned the hard way to ask what else someone has read and enjoyed when they choose to recommend a book. Context is everything.

Here's Q1, Q2 & Q3. If I've posted the book cover, it means it was a favourite, either because of the writing, the subject matter, or both.

April (12):

May (4):

June (7):

July (10):

August (5):

September (4):

October (8):

November (5):

December (6):

What's Up Next? 

This time, I won't offer predictions about what I'll read next. I'm finding myself freer to change my mind on a whim. I'll follow my interests and see where they lead. Sometimes it's research, sometimes it's for the pure joy of reading and learning. We'll see what 2016 has in store. No matter what the list will include, I'm excited to get started.

What about you? Anything in the list above you loved? Hated? I'd appreciate hearing what you've found to be some worthwhile reads...and what to avoid! 

And, if you have any questions about the titles above, drop me a line or leave a comment and I'll be sure to respond.

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