My 2015-2016 Reading List - Second Quarter

I'm now halfway through my third year of binge reading and I'm excited to provide the full list of books that held my interest long enough to finish. If you want to take a look at previous years, you can click "Books" on the navigation bar, or access them here: 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. You may also want to check out my list of Top 12 Life-Enhancing Books. They really are worth the read.

The past few months have taken me in a number of directions, from philosophy and health, to economics and consumerism. I'm also starting to read more on the topics of learning and psychology. The more I read and learn, the more I find that topics complement each other and that "lightbulb moments" effortlessly multiply. I can guarantee these insights will result in some (hopefully) interesting posts in the weeks and months to come. 


Like last quarter, I started way too many books at the same time and ditched quite a few without finishing them. I don't think that's a bad thing. I guess I'd call it "book sampling" do help me decide what I really want to read about and what type of writing style really speaks to me in a way that makes reading a given book more enjoyable. That being said, the smaller number of books read in August and September aren't due to having a number of false starts. It was attributable to the best reason I could hope for: I spent more time with family and friends.

The 42 books I did manage to finish (23 in Q1 and 19 in Q2) were quite varied. I read quite a bit about money (finance, investing, economics), health and wellness, and philosophy and psychology. I also took a deeper dive in trying to understand how we learn about ourselves and how to, well, learn.

Sources of Inspiration

Books beget more books, as do talking and reading about books. I have the following people/sources to thank for suggestions that made it on the list below: Eric BarkerRaptitudeStacking Benjamins, and Austin Kleon. Other sources of inspiration include Ted, documentaries available on Netflix and Vimeo, a conference I attended in September and "further reading" ideas within books I've read.

The desire to research a topic I want to write about on this blog also drives my reading choices. My eagerness to attempt to offer well-informed commentary lead me to read and write about pharmaceuticalsurban living, balance and investing.

I do also appreciate the suggestions I receive from family, friends and some F2P readers. One thing I'm learning though: when someone makes a suggestion, make sure they read a fair bit. Value is relative after all...

Here's Q1 & Q2. If I've posted the book cover, I thought it was pretty good, either because of the writing, the subject matter, or both.







What's Up Next? 

I was showered with books at the conference I attended in September (six in total - amazing!). You can see most of them on the righthand side. I've already read one of them (The One-page Financial Plan by Carl Richards). I received three books last year and only read one of them, so I may tackle some of that stack as well.

I'll also be reading about nutrition and a few other subjects of interest as of late.

I hate to offer too many more predictions about what I'll actually read over the next quarter, given most of what I thought I'd read last period didn't pan out. If you've made it this far in the post, I'll reward you by telling you that I also have a big project under way that may affect the amount of reading I can accomplish by the end of this year: I'm writing a book of my own. I know! Stay tuned...

What about you? Anything in the list above you loved? Hated? I'd appreciate hearing what you've found to be some worthwhile reads...and what to avoid! 

And, if you have any questions about the titles above, drop me a line or leave a comment and I'll be sure to respond.

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